Our Appliances


Our primary appliance for bushfires.

Mt Eliza Tanker

Medium Tanker – Hino Ranger GT Series 500 1322 (4×4)

Seats: 5

Weight: 13000kg

Water: 2350 litres

Pumps: Fire-fighting pump set comprising a Hatz silent-pack air-cooled diesel engine, close-coupled to a GAAM Mk 300D two stage fire-fighting pump; and a FireCo Ultra High Pressure Pump

Front Mounted Monitor: The monitor mounted on the bumper is electrically operated by a joystick control mounted on the forward LHS of the centre console

Length: 7.35 metres

Width: 2.8 metres

Height: 3.0 metres

Foam System: Quenchmaster CF700CFA Class A foam proportioning system


Our primary appliance for all structure fires and incidents.

Mt Eliza Pumper

Type 3 Heavy Pumper – Isuzu FVR 900

Seats: 6

Weight: Over 15 tonnes

Water:  1800 litres + 300 litres of foam (200 B Class & 100 A Class)

Pump: Rear mounted Godiva UMPX Mk 75B multi-stage pump with a nominal output of 3000 litres per minute

Length:  7.56 metres

Width:  2.49 metres

Height:  3.04 metres

Foam System: Round the Pump proportioner and FoamPro direct injection


FCV – Field Command Vehicle

Our Brigade purchased Toyota Landcruiser which is used as a command vehicle at Strike Teams as well as for additional support for local jobs