Thank You Russell – Defibrillator Donated To Mt Eliza Fire Brigade

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Thank You Russell – Defibrillator Donated To Mt Eliza Fire Brigade

Mt Eliza Fire Brigade members would like to extend our thanks to local resident, Mr Russell Davis. Russell has generously donated to the brigade a defibrillator – a vital piece of equipment used in medical emergencies.

Russell kindly funded the full cost of the defibrillator; in the order of $2,300.00. It is a welcome addition to our brigade and it’s donations like these that really help keep the community safe.

Should an emergency arise at an event or incident, and before an ambulance arrives, the equipment can potentially be life-saving. Defibrillators assist where a person is in cardiac arrest and needs to have their proper heart rhythm restored. Survival rates significantly increase with the use of a defibrillator.

Mt Eliza Fire Brigade Captain Andrew Whitehead said, “Russell’s generous donation shows real community spirit. Mt Eliza Fire Brigade is a volunteer organisation comprising wholly of members from the local community. Brigade members give their time and in this case Russell has donated this vital piece of equipment which will go on to benefit the community. All of our members can use it, but of course, we hope to never have to.”

The the device is already in service which sees both of our response vehicles now being equipped with defibrillators.

Thank you so much Russell!

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