200 Firefighters Battle Blaze In Carrum Downs

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200 Firefighters Battle Blaze In Carrum Downs

On Saturday January 6 during the hot weather spike, Mt Eliza Fire Brigade members responded to a significant grass and scrub fire at Carrum Downs.

Over 200 firefighters, our trucks and three aircraft battled the fire for several hours before it was brought under control. The fire spread very quickly through a park toward a nearby housing estate. Unfortunately some homes and sheds were damaged, several residents were evacuated and some roads were cut for many hours. Our crews worked extremely hard throughout the afternoon and into the evening.

This fire spread rapidly within only a very short time and serves as a reminder to everyone over the fire season:

  1. Ensure your yard is clean of debris and long grass
  2. Prepare and practice your fire plan
  3. Monitor conditions on days of high fire danger




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