Captain’s Report – November 2015

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Captain’s Report – November 2015

As I take over as Captain of Mount Eliza Fire Brigade I wish to acknowledge the members of the previous Brigade Management Team who have returned to the ranks of the Brigade; Richard Hume (Captain); Christopher Nicholson (1st Lieutenant) and Brett Nicholson (3rd Lieutenant). Their contribution to the Brigade and the community over the last six years has been invaluable.As the Brigade approaches its 80th year of wholly volunteer service to the community, we have been able to maintain a strong, viable membership. Maintaining this volunteer service can only be achieved from within the community and we are continually seeking new members.

Although many people think the only role of a volunteer involves emergency response to fires and incidents, we are also seeking ‘non-operational’ volunteers to assist with fundraising, community engagement and administrative tasks. We welcome members who wish to be part of our Brigade as firefighters, and also those who don’t necessarily want to be firefighters.

The continued support of the community through donations ensures that we have additional specialist equipment and updated facilities. Although CFA provides basic firefighting and protective equipment to its 1700 brigades, through the Volunteer Emergency Service Equipment Program (VESEP) we have been able to supplement community donations to purchase a Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC). This valuable piece of equipment allows us to locate the seat of fire through thick smoke, identify hot spots as well as assisting in search and rescue. We are also in the process of undertaking much needed renovations to our current fire station. Members will be provided with a purpose-built room where they can change into their turnout gear in a clean safe area and not in the engine bay around moving vehicles and engine fumes as we do at the moment.

As we head toward another summer, the potential for significant bushfires is ever present. We all need to continue working together to ensure our communities remain safe from the ravages of fire.

We will be holding a Fire Ready Victoria meeting at Mount Eliza Fire Station on 29th November and this will coincide with our Brigade Open Day, so please join us to learn what you can do to make your home and family safe this summer.

Andrew Whitehead
Captain, Mt Eliza Fire Brigade

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