Fire Ready Victoria Meeting and Open Day – Sunday 29th November 2015

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Fire Ready Victoria Meeting and Open Day – Sunday 29th November 2015

Mt Eliza Fire Brigade will be holding an Open Day on Sunday, November 29. Whilst we are always open, this is an excellent opportunity for all our community to come and see what our volunteers actually do. We will have numerous displays running, demonstrating the importance of fire safety in the home. There will also be plenty of activities for the kids to enjoy, as well as a sausage sizzle for all attending.

More importantly, prior to the open day the Brigade will be holding a FireReady meeting. An initiative of the State Government of Victoria, the FireReady meetings aim to properly prepare residents for the potential rigors of a hot fire season. This meeting is also purposed to address any questions from the community regarding what to do in a bushfire situation, as well as how to develop a Fire Action Plan for your household.

The FireReady meeting will be held at 10am, also on November 29.
All are welcome.


What is Fire Ready Victoria?

Before and during each fire season in high risk bushfire or grassfire areas across Victoria, CFA hosts free community meetings as part of our Fire Ready Victoria program.

I’ve been to Fire Ready meetings before. Is it worth my while to go again?

Absolutely. Every meeting is different because every fire season is different. Local conditions, shelter options and emergency warning systems can all change year to year, so come along with questions you’d like to ask. Fire Ready meetings are also a great way to make contacts in your local area, share experiences and views, and even talk about pooling resources.

So I’ll find out locally specific information?

Yes, you’ll hear seasonal information about where and how fires are most likely to start, spread and threaten around your local area, and the potential effects of a wind change. You’ll also find out how to access local fire information and warnings.

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