Grass Fire in Paddock Cobb Road

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Grass Fire in Paddock Cobb Road

At 6:30pm Wednesday 13/01/2016, the Brigade responded to a paddock fire on a property on Cobb Rd. On arrival, crews from Mount Eliza and surrounding brigades found fire had rapidly involved approximately three acres of grass and some scrub land.  Crews worked quickly to mitigate the threat to nearby property. It took 40 firefighters roughly 45 minutes to bring the fire under control, and fortunately there were no injuries however, there was some superficial damage to fencing. The cause of the fire is believed to be from a lightning strike.

The Brigade urges our community to keep informed via the Fire Ready app as well as the Emergency Victoria website. Whilst this particular incident accrued minimal losses, we must stress that fire can take hold quickly and can be very difficult to control; and it is imperative that you have a working Fire Action Plan in place for your household.

Cobb Road Fire Mount Eliza

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