Frankston SES and Mt Eliza Fire Brigade Training Night

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Frankston SES and Mt Eliza Fire Brigade Training Night

On Monday 23rd May 2016, Mt Eliza Fire Brigade and Frankston SES conducted a joint training session that provided an invaluable experience for a number of new volunteers that have joined Mt Eliza Fire Brigade this year.

Mt Eliza Fire Brigade and Frankston SES work closely together during major storms and road accidents, so the training on Monday night has better equipped both emergency services to work more closely with one another in a time of an emergency.

The training exercise that was mainly targeted towards a number of our new volunteer members that gave them hands on practical experience of dismembering a vehicle. In almost all cases, Mt Eliza Fire Brigade will reach a scene of an accident in Mount Eliza before the SES can arrive from Frankston. Our newest members have now enhanced their skills of securing and preparing the vehicle for when the SES arrives.

Dan G, a new volunteer member at Mt Eliza Fire Brigade said it was a great experience to train with Frankston SES.

Training with the Frankston SES was a great experience. Getting my hands on their tools and having a feel for their role on scene was beneficial for me to gain a better understanding as to how I can assist in real life situations.

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