Dryer catches fire in Mount Eliza Laundromat

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Dryer catches fire in Mount Eliza Laundromat

On Sunday morning, Mt Eliza Fire Brigade and Mornington Fire Brigade responded to a call of smoke issuing from a Laundromat in Mount Eliza.

Mt Eliza Pumper (our primary appliance for structure fires) was first on scene within minutes of receiving the call and immediately saw a significant amount of smoke issuing from the Laundromat – with flames visible from one dryer at the rear of the building.

Firefighters entered wearing breathing apparatus’s and quickly extinguished the fire. Using thermal imaging camera’s and a gas detector, crews investigated the rest of the building to ensure no other fire or hazards were present before marking the scene as safe.

On arrival, firefighters were advised that a member of the public had entered the smoke-filled building and had attempted to extinguish the fire using a fire extinguisher from a neighbouring cafe. Although the action of this person definitely assisted in the suppression of the fire and we appreciate the attempts made by this person, however, please ensure and remember that your health and safety is always the number one priority, as smoke can contain dangerous toxic gases.

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