Scoresby Hose Layer visits Mount Eliza

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Scoresby Hose Layer visits Mount Eliza

Some fire stations within CFA have what is known as “specialist appliances”. These are vehicles that serve a particular purpose for events or requirements that may only happen a handful of times per year. On Tuesday 16th August, Scoresby’s Fire Brigade attend Mt Eliza Fire Brigade with their Hose Layer.

The “Scoresby Hose Layer” has a dedicated job – which is to lay high-capacity hose at large fires, allowing firefighters to pump water over long distances. The truck itself carries over two kilometres of hose (100mm in diameter) and can connect with any fire truck within CFA and MFB.

It was a great opportunity for our firefighters to train and familiarise themselves with this important piece of equipment.

Thank you very much to Scoresby Fire Brigade CFA for bringing the Hose Layer down and training with us.

Read more about Scoresby Hose Layer on CFA News.

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