Illegal Fireworks for New Year’s Celebrations

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Illegal Fireworks for New Year’s Celebrations

Residents¬†of Mornington Peninsula Shire are being urged to rethink New Year’s Eve plans that involve illegal fireworks.

There are plenty of firework displays across Victoria so there is no need for people to light illegal fireworks or fire crackers. Doing so, you risk facing fines in the $1000’s.

The lighting of Fireworks can pose a serious risk to lives and can also start significant fires.

Only licensed pyro-technicians are allowed to set off fireworks in Victoria.  These professionals understand the dangers associated with fireworks as well as the appropriate exclusion zones required and the effects of weather conditions.

For information on what you can and can’t do during the Fire Danger Period and Total Fire Bans, visit the CFA Can I Can’t I page.

Have a wonderful New Year and stay safe.



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