PRODUCT RECALL: Oil Column Heater

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PRODUCT RECALL: Oil Column Heater

Product Recall for Moretti 11 Fin Oil Column Heater Model No. MC35B2, Batch 12/16 (OLN 9532, OLN 9539).

This product was sold via Bunnings Warehouse nationally between February and April 2017.


Check for unit identification details – Batch Code or OLN Code – on the rating label located on side of the front panel.

Affected heaters have Batch Code 12/16 and OLN 9532 or OLN 9539 and were sold through BUNNINGS nationally in 2017.

Other batches of this model (MC35B2) are not affected by the recall.


The heater may rupture when turned on and allow hot oil to spray out, causing scalding and burns.


Stop using the heater immediately and return it to the nearest Bunnings store as soon as possible for a full refund.


For any further information, please contact Yale Prima Call Centre on 1300 366 155 in Australia or 0800 111 727 in New Zealand.

See for Australian Product Recall Information

About this recall

CFA Fire Brigades consisting of personnel from the Eltham Fire Brigade (District 14) and Langwarrin Fire Brigade (District 08) directly notifying the Fire Investigation Section this week of the incidents that they had responded to involving this particular appliance.

The Fire Investigation Section, subsequently contacted Energy Safe Victoria (Electrical) to notify them of the incidents which involved an electrical appliance along with providing additional information and photographs that had been taken by the responding fire crews at the incident scenes. Energy Safe Victoria (Electrical) then utilised this information as part of their investigation process and communication with the manufacturer and supplier relating to this particular heater.

This is another excellent example of the outcomes achieved by undertaking the fire investigation process. Through the identification of trends, conducting the required notifications and working with Energy Safe Victoria (Electrical) it has resulted in this National Product Safety Recall. This type of work contributes directly to the CFA’s mission of “protecting lives and property”.

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