Fire Action Week – 7th to 14th October 2018

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Fire Action Week – 7th to 14th October 2018

Fire Action Week, 7 to 14 October, is Victoria’s annual fire planning and preparation awareness week. Right now, forecasts show that there is potential for an earlier and longer fire season in Victoria.

Fire Action Week is a time to increase your understanding of the fire risk where you live, prepare your property, and talk to your loved ones about what you’ll do to stay safe from fire. Making informed decisions is vital to your safety during a fire. Now is the best time to understand your fire risk and get prepared.

This week, talk to your family, friends and neighbours about the fire risk where you live and make plans for what you’ll do on hot, dry, windy days. Make sure you know where to check Fire Danger Ratings (Vic Emergency website and app). Over summer, you’ll need to check the ratings daily to understand the fire risk in your area. Remember, as ratings increase, so does your risk of fire.

It’s up to all of us to stay informed by using more than one source of information, understanding the three levels of warnings, what they mean and what you should do.

Tune in to ABC local radio, commercial and designated community radio stations or Sky News TV, phone the VicEmergency Hotline (1800 226 226), visit, and download the VicEmergency App. Warnings are also available on VicEmergency’s Twitter (@vicemergency) and Facebook (, and CFA’s Twitter (@CFA_Updates) and Facebook (

On hot, dry, windy days, fires will start and spread quickly. The best way to protect yourself and your family is to leave early. If you live in an urban area near grasslands, walk at least two streets back if a fire starts. If you live two or three streets away from grassland and a grassfire starts, stay where you are. Grassfires are unlikely to spread into built up areas. Don’t drive, visibility may be poor, accidents are likely, and you could block emergency services.

In the lead-up to summer, CFA and MFB brigades around the state are getting out and about in their community to talk about preparing for fire season. You can check for information on what’s happening. Mt Eliza Fire Brigade will be holding an Open Day on Sunday 28th October from 10am.

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