Halloween Fuse Box Fire

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Halloween Fuse Box Fire

On Thursday morning 31 October 2019, Mt Eliza Fire Brigade and Mornington Fire Brigade responded to reports of electrical cables on fire which were attached to a house at a Mount Eliza address.

On arrival, Brigade crews determined that the exterior fuse box had ignited and a fire had spread into the wall cavity of the double-storey house.

The occupant and nearby tradespeople safely used a dry chemical (powder) fire extinguisher to attempt to limit the impact of the fire to the house. The damaged power line was energised and in danger of falling.

Fortunately, nobody was injured.

The cause was determined to be wiring issue, which serves as a timely reminder to ensure your electricity meter is inspected regularly by a licensed electrician.

Some key messages to reduce fire impact:

  • Ensure you have an appropriate fire extinguisher which is easily accessible. In this case, a Dry Chemical (‘Powder’ or ABE) extinguisher is most appropriate. Only use a fire extinguisher if you are safely able to do so.
  • Ensure you do not double-park or impede traffic in your local area. It may hinder or delay a fire truck responding to your house, or the house of a neighbour or loved one.

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